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Io che indosso i tappeti Jordan 1 silhouette sotto canestro in un campetto da basket

Born in 1979 in Florence to a Florentine mother and a Persian father Habibollah, Habib for friends, he began to travel from an early age. He starts his career as a traveler at just 8 months, when he makes his first and last trip to the land of his ancestors: Persia.

the Tehran of '79 is the Tehran of the fall from the shah, of the Islamic revolution and the advent of khomeni and in the turmoil of the revolution the parents manage to save the child and get to  Rome. Habibollah will never return to his homeland but will be deeply affected by it. Growing up in Italy surrounded by art and beauty, his father will never stop going to Iran and will be one of the greatest collectors of Persian carpets ever.

Thus he becomes passionate about the millenary art of the carpet that his father tells him through very rare ancient artifacts collected in a lifetime of research. In the 2000s he followed in his father's footsteps starting to work in the family business but with a very clear goal in mind: to bring innovation to an ultra-orthodox sector.

During his teenage years his passion for art takes shape, he shows a great musical talent and he learns to play guitar, bass and piano on his own. He begins to paint and produces hundreds of canvases in a few years.

Habib is a shy and introverted boy and in art he finds his outlet. And it doesn't give up. He goes through street art with the ideal of being able to make art accessible to everyone. And it is precisely the contamination between these arts and these apparently distant worlds that gives life to the project: the union between West and East, (the street art daughter of the West and the ancient and familiar art of the East). Thus Habib transfers the symbols of Western society, the street style, the status symbols of young people who grew up in the 90s, in the millenary tradition of the hand-knotted carpet, giving the symbols of the society of consumerism (ephemeral and perishable) the dignification by patience destined to last over time.

Thus was born "RUGFELLER", between contamination and play, a challenge to unite the world that creates a new era in the world of the carpet and after a century of bourgeoisization of this object gives it back the status of a work of art that is no longer the classic art but Pop Art.

Jordan 1 silhouette tappeto RUGFELLER colorway Chicago , black toe ,  royal blue , Bred , banned
Io che indosso i tappeti RUGFELLER Jordan 1 silhouette sotto canestro in campo,da basket
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